Hotel Channel Manager

Connect your hotel to the essential sales channels easily and quickly.

Hotel Channel Manager Features

Self Service Mapping

Your hotel can connect to sales channels direct from the dashboard with ease using a simple interface.

Suitable for Any Property Size

Suitable for any property or accommodation of any size. Including guest houses, hostels, vacation rentals or holiday homes.

Omni Channel Chat

Read and answer your guests or airbnb customers directly from the dashboard.


Instantly sync and connect your channels without any waiting time.

Supports Major Channels

Connect to all essential channels including Airbnb, and Expedia.

Thai Support Team

Our friendly Thai and English speaking customer service agents are available using in-app chat support.

More Connected

Mobile Application

Google Direct Booking

Chat: and Airbnb

1 - 30 Rooms

THB 1,300

/ month

Channels: Unlimited

Users: Unlimited

Integration: Basic

31 - 50 Rooms

THB 1,800

/ month

Channels : Unlimited

Users: Unlimited

Integration: Basic

51 - 100 Rooms

THB 2,200

/ month

Channels: Unlimited

Users: Unlimited

Integration: Basic


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